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All rights for this picture belong to the Ukrainian organization “Voices of Children” we work with togwther with our partenrs, Groundbreaker Gmbh


War Crisis Relief Efforts

Ukraine support

Together with our partner Groundbreaker gGmbH,  in July 2023 we initiated an "Oznur, Serg, Mia's - Birthday Fundraiser" to support "Project Nadiya - Dubrynychi Program"  in Zakarpatska oblast of Ukraine.


Thanks to the contributions from our partners and friends, we have successfully raised approximately €22,000. This amount is sufficient to support the first phase of the project.


In Ukraine, there is a pressing need for employment opportunities for individuals who have lost their jobs due to the war and have relocated to areas with limited suitable job options. At the same time, children face several challenges in accessing appropriate educational spaces. Altogether, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) must access safe areas of opportunity.

"Project Nadiya - Dubrynychi Program"

The funds collected will be allocated to "Project Nadiya - Dubrynychi Program" and implemented by the organization of the same name. The objective is to establish a comprehensive center for social integration, education, and training for IDPs in the Dubrynychi community. This program encompasses a wide range of vocational training, skill development, and employment/self-employment guidance services for IDP families, along with a coeducational environment for young children.


Western Ukraine, particularly the Zakarpatska oblast, has stood out as one of the safest regions in the country. This area has become a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of IDPs and is the site for the "Project Nadiya – Dubrynychi Program."

Project status as of September 2023:

Around half of the project was completed during the fall/winter of 2022. This phase involved installing a new roof, windows, doors, comprehensive insulation, and new interior walls. Unfortunately, due to limited funding, the project remains unfinished. Therefore, the initial focus of our collective endeavor will be to complete the construction of the Center space.

The Center's completion will encompass:

  • Finishing and painting the walls,

  • Installing ceilings and lights,

  • Implementing fire safety measures, and

  • Constructing a concrete pathway outside.

Phase one is expected to be completed in the coming months.

Given the unjust and evil invasion of Ukraine, we have the power to make a lasting difference in the lives of these children and contribute to educational opportunities in Ukraine. And your contribution is making a meaningful impact!

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