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Oznur Bell - Education support in Kenya, Bhutan & Tanzania


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Education support in Kenya, Bhutan & Tanzania

Together with Groundbreaker Foundation, we are making a shift towards knowledge spread and its quality improvement in the areas where hundreds of children would struggle to get it otherwise.

This project's fundraising goal of 139,297€ was successfully reached in its total amount. 


Instead of gifts for their wedding, Oznur and Serg Bell asked their guests to consider a donation to a life-changing initiative. Three crucial initiatives to support were selected to influence the lives of children in need and create a brighter future for them.


The Mukomari Primary School, Kenya | budget - €50K 

6 classrooms and a new sanitary block of 10 latrines were delivered in addition to the existing school facilities. The project contributed to physical infrastructure, sanitation, and hygiene improvement. 

…The new facilities in the school have provided a new lease of life to the school, and the whole community is now alive with a sense of newness.”  

– Cleophas, Core Health and Wealth International

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The Mongar School for Special Education, Bhutan | allocated  budget - €51K 

While this school is one of the best in the region to provide educational services to children with various difficulties, it still lacks accessible classrooms.


Within a 1.5-year timeframe, we plan to build accessible special education classrooms, office blocks, and accessible WASH facilities. After the project is completed, the school will be more inclusive and accessible for this group of students.

The classrooms will be connected through accessible footpaths and ramps. The project will directly benefit 43 students and seven teachers.


The Kageru Primary School, Tanzania | budget - €38.3K 

Overcrowded classrooms of 75 students on average do not allow to provide sufficient quality education, and students' performance here is worrisome.
The project leads to higher attendance rates, better grades, and ultimately better educational prospects beyond primary school via the construction of two new classrooms, fully furnished with 30 desks and blackboards, within a 6-month timeframe

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