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The Mukomari Primary School project commenced in October of 2022 with the signing of a project agreement and disbursement of funding. The project designs and necessary approvals were completed in January of 2023, and construction commenced thereafter.

Despite the slight delays, the project has run smoothly without many challenges. 6 classrooms and a new sanitary block of 10 latrines were delivered in addition to the existing school facilities.

The project contributed to physical infrastructure, sanitation, and hygiene improvement. 


The Mukomari Primary School, Kenya | budget - €50K 

The gift of this school is a great transformational opportunity to the community. It is one of the finest infrastructures in the region whereby many other school leaders are visiting to benchmark. As already evidenced, children that had initially transferred from the school to other schools are now back in droves. When the structures collapsed, the school population was reduced to below 200 and faced imminent closure for not meeting the threshold. The new facilities in the school have provided a new lease of life to the school, and the whole community is now alive with a sense of newness. We thank the donor - Oznur & Serg Bell - for funding the community transformation that is happening through the Mukomari PEFA Primary School. This will go a long way to improve access to quality education for learners and give them competitiveness in the platform of life. The school community really appreciates this gesture of kindness.”  

– Cleophas, Core Health and Wealth International

Initially, we were going through many challenges in this school. We had mud-walled classrooms that collapsed due to heavy rains. We would go to the forest to look for timber for repair and to build new classrooms. We would also carry cow dung from home for smearing the floors and the walls. After the heavy work, we would sit in class, being very tired. As a result, we would not understand what we were being taught. We used to cough a lot due to dusty classrooms; jiggers were all over the place. We are now about to start using new decent classrooms. Thank you!
– Mutuma, Grade 5 Student


"When I was posted to this school, I wondered what wrong I had done to be removed from the school I was in before, to not only a remote place but to a school with dilapidated classrooms. Seeing children learning under a tree for a lack of classrooms and seeing two different classes share a classroom made me develop high blood pressure! One morning, when I came to school, and the classrooms had collapsed due to the heavy rains, I didn't know what to do. Today, seeing state-of-the-art classrooms wipes away all the tears of pain and removes the shame. Today, when I visit the education office in Sub County, I am addressed as the headteacher of the international school! Groundbreaker, the donor - Oznur & Serg Bell, and Core Health and Wealth International have partnered to bring dignity to this community!" 

– Ms. Rebecca Wangare, Head Teacher


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