Earthquake Relief Efforts


Earthquake: on February 6th 2023, a severe earthquake left a devastating impact on Turkey and Syria. Together with several partners – such as Groundbreaker, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, Constructor group, Acronis and Dr. Serg Bell – we are doing our best to provide the necessary help in the region.


Following the earthquake disaster in Syria and Turkey, measures were taken by Constructor group and partnering organizations.

1 / Constructor group sends Falcon to Turkey with doctors and supplies

In alignment with the local authorities of Antakya in Turkey Constructor group sent a corporate Falcon from Frankfurt to Antakya on February 12th. This collaboration with NGO Humanity First  aimed to: bring doctors and medical supplies to the affected region, establish medical stations, deliver approximately 2,5 K EUR of medicine, and organize its freight. The equipment was used for, not only medical camps offering treatment of first-response individuals, but also a field kitchen in cooperation with the Turkish local and government authorities (AFAD).

2 / CIP humanitarian drive

On February 11th and 12th 2023, students from the Community Impact Project (CIP) at Constructor University in Bremen, Germany quickly organized events to collect goods, food, and emergency supplies to send to the devastated areas in Turkey and Syria.