Oznur, Serg, Mia's - Birthday Fundraiser

Since our wedding celebration in 2022, Serg and I have made a conscious decision to veer away from traditional gifts from our loved ones and community.

Instead, we have chosen to direct our efforts towards supporting meaningful initiatives that benefit children in need and promote global knowledge sharing.

Building upon this commitment, we have opted to forgo lavish birthday celebrations and redirect our resources towards those who require them most. Specifically, we have resolved to raise funds for children in Ukraine, embracing a new endeavor named the "Oznur, Serg, Mia's - Birthday Fundraiser".

The primary objective of this initiative is to establish child-friendly spaces within bomb shelters, furnished with computer facilities. By doing so, we aim to ensure that children can continue their education even amidst incredibly challenging circumstances. Additionally, we intend to provide support to parents by equipping facilities in various regions of Ukraine and offering training in essential employability skills for small businesses, startups, agriculture, and IT. Moreover, we aspire to create spaces conducive to remote workers and online students.
In light of the unjust invasion of Ukraine, we view it as our paramount responsibility to effect lasting change in the lives of these children and contribute to educational opportunities in Ukraine.

I wholeheartedly encourage our friends, family, and community to get involved in this initiative by making a donation. Please visit the following pages to donate in Euro or to donate in USD. Every contribution, irrespective of its size, will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact.

Published: July 17, 2023

To follow the news about this initiative, please visit this page.